Computing Cultural Literacy

What every programmer needs to know.

Infinite AMA

A ChatGPT that answers questions just like me.

Create an email newsletter from an RSS feed with Modal

I built an automated email newsletter feature for my blog. Learn how to set it up for yourself.

A 3-piece Masterclass on technical writing

And this info-tainment doesn't even cost $30 a month.

2022 Wrapped

Reading, moving, and goals for 2023.

Create a personal dashboard with Modal webhooks

Learn how to add live stats to your static personal website, integrating with Spotify, Goodreads, and Github.

The first 99,999 writes are free: Or, why lazy StringIO.write() may sprint into a memmove wall

Debugging a Python StringIO performance oddity for fun and practice. - Flashcards for Designing Data Intensive Applications

Releasing a study deck for a much loved software textbook.

The Books I Read - 2021

The 38 books I read in our second COVID-19 year (with some reviews).

From Data Engineer to SysAdmin: Put down the K8s cluster, your pipelines can run without it

Big Data meets Big Container, and now no one is getting anything done.

What's in a name? The Data Scientist vs. Machine Learning Engineer title bore.

Why has data scientist fallen out of favour, with machine learning engineer being ascendant?

How can an ML model perform highly and poorly at the same time?

An instance of unhelpful term overloading in machine learning engineering.

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