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From Data Engineer to SysAdmin: Put down the K8s cluster, your pipelines can run without it

Big Data meets Big Container, and now no one is getting anything done.

What's in a name? The Data Scientist vs. Machine Learning Engineer title bore.

Why has data scientist fallen out of favour, with machine learning engineer being ascendant?

How can an ML model perform highly and poorly at the same time?

An instance of unhelpful term overloading in machine learning engineering.

A Basic Python Toolchain in Bazel

How to improve on the default auto-detecting Python toolchain shipped with Bazel.

Using Terraform to make my many side-projects 'pick up and play'

A post contending that Terraform is a no-brainer addition to your side-project development toolkit.

Bazel is taking over

On the Bazel build system's potential to become a category-killer.

The Bazel 'Elevator Pitch'

There's an elevator pitch for Bazel from early 2018 that I point people at and crib from so often that I thought it was well time I copied it out and put it online.

How To Ask For Help In Slack

The help-needer's and question-asker's checklist

The Books I Read - 2020

Every book I read in our COVID-19 year, with reviews.


👋 This post is heavily inspired by

Is an Australian Computer Science degree with no math still a Computer Science degree?

This was written in late 2018 and is only just being published, but it’s still relevant.

The Books I Read - 2019

A retrospective on my best year of reading in a decade.

Current Thoughts on Effective Altruism and My Personal Giving

Recording my thinking on commitment to donating 10% of my income.

Newsfeeds and Information Filters

We need information-filtering tools and we need them yesterday.

The ‘Fake News’ problem and its NLP ‘solutions’

Have people already started to cargo-cult NLP models? Of course they have.

Junior Theme: Why You Should Use It

Sharing a new theme I developed for myself

An Undergrad's perspective on ICML 2017

What's ICML like, particularly for a 3rd undergraduate with no formal ML schooling?

State Of Machine Learning 3.0.1

I made Bloomberg Beta's cool infographic more useful.

What's A Data Engineer?

Let's break into some of the best answers I could find online.

Recurrent Neural Networks - The Intuition

In two minutes, what is a Recurrent Neural Network basically doing?