A Basic Python Toolchain in Bazel

How to improve on the default auto-detecting Python toolchain shipped with Bazel.

Using Terraform to make my many side-projects 'pick up and play'

A post contending that Terraform is a no-brainer addition to your side-project development toolkit.

Bazel is taking over

On the Bazel build system's potential to become a category-killer.

The Bazel 'Elevator Pitch'

There's an elevator pitch for Bazel from early 2018 that I point people at and crib from so often that I thought it was well time I copied it out and put it online.

How To Ask For Help In Slack

The help-needer's and question-asker's checklist

The Books I Read - 2020

Every book I read in our COVID-19 year, with reviews.


👋 This post is heavily inspired by

Is an Australian Computer Science degree with no math still a Computer Science degree?

This was written in late 2018 and is only just being published, but it’s still relevant.

The Books I Read - 2019

A retrospective on my best year of reading in a decade.

Current Thoughts on Effective Altruism and My Personal Giving

Recording my thinking on commitment to donating 10% of my income.

Newsfeeds and Information Filters

We need information-filtering tools and we need them yesterday.

The ‘Fake News’ problem and its NLP ‘solutions’

Have people already started to cargo-cult NLP models? Of course they have.

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