Review - The Manager's Path 🧗‍♂️

I approach the whole ‘how to be a better manager’ genre as if it’s going to bore me and maybe provoke an early mid-life crisis, but I’d just been given manager duties at my company so felt I had to read something or else accept the possibility of wilful ignorance.

As far as management books go, this was solid. It’s only a little fluffy, and you do get a sense that the author ‘knows her shit’ and mostly wrote the book to put her experiences out in the world and make your life easier.

Still, much of the advice in this book only works if you can answer yes to questions like:

  1. Do you have a high level of interpersonal competency, including strong communication and leadership skills?
  2. Can you be constantly self-critical, and embrace a state of constant personal growth in response to new challenges and situations?
  3. Do you care about actually doing the job of a manager well?

If you can’t answer yes to each of those, I reckon you’re basically screwed as a manager, and no ‘manager book’ can really help you get your answers from ‘no to yes’.