Review - The Little Prince 👦✨

This is a children’s book that you can almost finish in a single bath session before the water’s too cold. I definitely knew of the book before I picked it out from my family home’s bookshelf, but I did not realize it was so shockingly popular in the 20th century. Only The Bible has been translated more than this book.

I intend this to be a short review, and so won’t be able to properly pin down what I made of this book, but I can say that it’s the kind of the children’s book that feels wiser than any book you’d pick up for guidance in the in trials and troubles of adult life. The author’s life story, which I read through concurrently, is remarkably abstracted and weaved into The Little Prince’s world.

Overall, I didn’t love the experience of reading it by the end, and maybe it would read more beautifully in the original French, but I think it’s an excellent peice of work and well worth the time.