Review - Foundation 🪐

I had no idea what Foundation by Isaac Asimov would be like; I just knew it was regarded among the greatest science fiction novels ever written.

I bought it in Bryon Bay alongside the book I entered the store for, Dune Messiah, and read them both on the same trip. They are quite different science fiction books. The Dune series is much more introspective, psychological, and heroic.

Overall I thought that doing a parallel to the fall of the Roman empire but on a galactic scale was fun and interesting. Having the events of the book take place over hundreds of years was also interesting, though I wish Hari Seldon lasted longer as a central character.

I didn’t give this five stars because though I really liked it I definitely didn’t love it like a loved Dune, which I also read this year. Dune is now one of my favourite novels, and worth the five stars. Foundation didn’t hold together as well as I’d like, owing to the fact that it was originally written as separate parts and published in a magazine.

I’ll definitely continue reading the Foundation series, though I’m not keen to read further into it just yet. I’ll try different science fiction writers like Ursula K. Le Guin first.