Review - Dune

I’m one of the Dune newbies that picked up the book because they got hyped by the 2020 movie adaption trailer. “I better read this before the movie comes out in November 2020!” I thought. Well, COVID fucked that all up and now I’ve got time to read the whole series about ten times over before the film comes out. Anyways, reviewing the book…

Dune is bloody amazing. I wouldn’t call myself a science fiction fan, but I saw that this was regarded as possibly the greated in the genre. “Greatest of all time? This might be good. I might love this.”

I don’t want to do the book a disservice by rushing out a shit revie, so for now I’ll just say that I loved how Herbert took an epic hero’s journey story and a superhero origin story and set it in an incredibly well imagined far-future setting. Paul, a teenager, loses everything and wins it all back spectacularly while acquiring superhuman abilities. A story about a teenage boy winning everything and getting superhuman abilities could be lame and immature, but Herbert is throughout the whole book weaving the idea that Paul’s superhuman abilities will doom him.