Review - Constructing The Political Spectacle

Of all the books I read this year, Goodreads tells me this book on politics was least read by others on the site. I have no idea why this ended up on my ‘To Read’ list, but I’m glad that it did.

It’s a difficult-ish read. It’s academic in tone and structure, and I found that I occassionally had to re-read passages two or three times to make sure I’d understood what the author was saying. I think I came to understand the book eventually though, and think it’s a really sharp and comprehensive accounting of a large part of what politics was when it was written in 1988, and what politics still is today.

Once I got near the end, the book had at least convinced me to message my girlfriend and saying something like “you have to read this book, and we both have to get the fuck off Twitter and start doing practical politics.”