Review - Cat's Cradle

For context, Slaughterhouse Five is possibly my favourite novel, and Kurt Vonnegut is tied with George Orwell as my favourite writer (which makes some sense because Vonnegut called Orwell his favourite writer).

Right after finishing Cat’s Cradle, I had the impression “that was fun, and curious, but not as immediately wonderful and impactful as Slaughterhouse 5.” The plot is whacky, going all over the place so that Vonnegut can make fun of science, technology, religion, and war, all in one short book. At times I thought that I was supposed to see the poignancy or profundity in somethign but instead found it merely fun and silly.

Now about six months since reading it, I’d say that the Bokononism religion parts of the books are especially memorable and beautiful. I’m happy to now have the ideas of a karass and a granfalloon.