Thundergolfer.IO - I'm now on Youtube

Update 2021: The channel was abandoned a long time ago.

A lot of people want to be a ‘Youtube Personality’ these days, but I reckon youtube is actually a great way to connect with people and communicate yourself. I’ve created a channel for two reasons. One, to track my progress towards being a great software engineer in the field of AI. Two, to put out informative and interesting AI content as this isn’t really isn’t something that’s over-catered for and I think people are only becoming more interested.

Here is my current channel page


Two videos only, neither of amazing quality, but it’s a start. There’s a bit of effort involved in just figuring out to plan a video, how to record yourself and your screen, video edit, publish, and then promote. The first video tutorial that I did it was quite strange having to think out loud as you code, and it was actually a bit difficult. For my next video (on the General Problem Solver algorithm) I have recorded the coding in advance and will then narrate over it.

Designing the logo and banner

I drew the logo, which is basically just Clank from Ratchet & Clank. I wanted the branding to communicate that this channel was technology related, whilst also appearing friendly. AI can be a scary topic to some, and I want this channel to strongly promote the positivity of advanced tech. rather than the typical Hollywood fear. So my robot isn’t a killing machine, he’s a loveable sidekick.

I have no subscribers :(

I haven’t promoted the channel at all yet, because it ain’t ready. I’ll build something good and they will come.

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