About Me

May 2019 Edition

I’m a Backend Software Engineer @ Canva in their Data Engineering team. I’m still quite interested in NLP, Knowledge Bases, and Computational Dialectics, but now regularly find myself exploring the world of the Bazel build system.

Major surgery on my right leg has had me off my feet for six months now, so I’ve spent most of my free time stationary, either reading books or coding 🙂.

Jan 2018 Edition

I am a Software Engineering student at RMIT University in Melbourne. I’ve previously interned with Zendesk on their Answer Bot product, and at Atlassian as an application developer in their reliability/monitoring team. I’m currently shopping around for graduate software engineering positions starting after November 2018.

I’m currently also doing a lot of work building developer communities around my University. I’ll chase any opportunity to improve collaboration and outreach in the tech. industry.

My main areas of interest are in NLP, Knowledge Bases, and Computational Dialectics.